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Lightning Safety Training

Thanks to Daniel E. Stryker, a District Chairman and Assistant Council Commissioner and in the Northern New Jersey Council, Lightning Safety Training is available as a PDF document. It is also available as a PowerPoint Presentation (Large - approx. 4.0 MB).

There is also a self-running Lightning Safety quiz that accompanies the above documents. Please note: the quiz is an executable program. Clicking on the link will prompt you to save or run the file. It's your choice, though we would recommend downloading and checking the file. The file should be run in a folder, since the quiz generates small temporary files that are removed when the quiz is finished. The file has been scanned for viruses before posting on this site, though it is always good procedure to check any downloaded program with your own virus checker before using. To quit the program while it is running, press the "Esc" key.

We appreciate Dan Stryker and the NNJC making this important information available. He states, "...we have a partnership with NOAA and all information has been cleared for use."




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